People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend [ 2005-10-26, 11:53 p.m. ]

Ha. I fooled you. Here I am again!

I actually had something interesting happen today. Huh. Weird.

I was at work and a woman that I used to work with at the bookstore and was really good friends with at the time came in and we started talking. A.B. was always a lot of fun and such a nice person. It was soooo good to chat with her. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and promised this time to stay in touch. Email is a boon to keeping in touch with people, I think.

One of the biggest things I remember about A.B. is that she helped my family throw my 30th birthday surprise party. She kept me busy and away from the house till everyone could be there. Heh.

We were inseperable for a long time then she quit the store and went to work at the bank where she still works. I think it's interesting that two of my best friends from work have been African-American women. But though we have different skin color, we've always had similar interests and backgrounds, really. As a Southerner, I just find that refreshing. If you don't live down here, you don't understand that, I think.

When I lived in Memphis, I was bussed to schools twice when the nearby school was in walking distance. Parents always get upset that their kids are having to go clear across town. But ask a kid and most will say that it was not that big of a deal. I met people from different backgrounds and experience and I know that helped me. I was shy as a kid (and adult) but I know that being bussed did help me adapt well.

Anyway,A.B. is going to see Nine Inch Nails in Atlanta tomorrow night,the lucky girl. When she told me, I then had to crow about getting to see U2 for free in December. Hee.

When she found out where I was living she let me know that she's going to the tavern down my same street quite often and would be calling me to get me to hang out. I hope so. I told her I hardly go there anymore cause most of my friends don't go out or are married. I want more fun friends!

Anyhoo...I was talking to our cafe manager when we were closing up. I was telling her that even though I'll be happy to have the time off, for once I'm not in dire need of this vacation. Like I'm not going as nuts beforehand as I have in the past. She said that was a really good feeling. And it's true. Work, while it can have frustrating moments, is basically going pretty well. Which is darn cool.

The World Series just ended. Way to go, White Sox! Two years in a row with long droughts being broken. I love that.

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