Light my candle [ 2005-11-03, 2:41 p.m. ]

Ok,I'm not so much with the puttering around the house as I should be. But at least I've been writing in my NaNo novel. I'm up to 2,957 words. That's 6 pages,people!

I somehow ended up with a ghost story in my novel. It just kinda went there. I'm gonna try to not make it all about that though. It's one aspect of my main character's life. But I'm starting to get into it now. Just 47,043 words to go!!

That's a sure way to get writer's block.

I did go out to T@arget yesterday to pick up some stuff for the house. Mainly cleaning things. I got that new Mr.Clean mop thingy for cleaning the bathtub without breaking your back. That thing was made for me. Maybe now I can actually keep with the mildew. I'm sorry. You didn't know there was going to be a commercial interruption in this entry, did you?

My car started acting funny yesterday. And no, it wasn't telling me jokes. It was basically protesting about being out in traffic. Ugh. I know it needs some fixing anyway but I hope it doesn't decide to give out on me before my next paycheck. The rest of my money this week goes to rent. And no, not RENT, the award-winning Broadway musical turned motion picture starring Rosario Dawson.

I think I need a nap.

Edited because as Cat pointed out...words is not the same as pages.

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