Brrrrrr [ 2005-11-18, 10:35 p.m. ]

I don't know what the hell happened but a minute ago I clicked onto my diary and it was empty. And when I went to edit it, the format was different. What the hell? hands are freezing right now. I tried to get my heat turned back on but because I was borrowing my parents' credit card to do so (I still owe money plus I have to pay a deposit AND the connection fee), they wouldn't accept it since it didn't have the same billing address. I was on the phone for an HOUR. A fucking HOUR. I got so frustrated that after hanging up in despair, I started crying. I think only people who've had to live in this kind of cold, can understand it. You don't feel like doing anything since that means you have to leave the semi-warmth of your bedroom, where you have the door closed.

I have two pairs of sweatpants, a shirt, a cardigan, and 3 pairs of socks on.

I called my parents after I stopped crying, sort of, and my dad said he'd go down to the gas company's office on Monday morning with me to pay for it with the credit card. He said I could stay at their place till the heat gets turned back on. I said that since I was working all weekend it wouldn't be that convenient. But I might stay over on Monday and Tuesday, since I'm off those days. I know that when they schedule the connection, it won't be the same day. Most likely 4 or 5 days.

Anyway, I ended up not going to work today to put in a few hours. Mainly for my sanity.

Yesterday, the Southern Christmas Show was a lot of fun with my Mom. Bought a few things but mainly it was just fun to go and look around. I'm almost ready for the Christmas season.

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