Turns out I can write a long entry but not much in my novel. Figures. [ 2005-11-22, 5:20 a.m. ]

Argh. My NaNo novel progress has slowed and it's driving me nutso. I'm at around 28,270 words right now. The plot is starting to gain speed, but because I had to slow it down and make it more complicated since I was writing more like a short story writer, my inspiration is kinda muddled. My Muse needs to park itself next to me for the next 10 days.

I'm listening to my iTunes right now. I downloaded Ryan Adams' "Jacksonville City Nights" album. It's great. He's great.

I had today off (Monday) and I have Tuesday off. Plus, Thursday, of course. I'm hoping to do some writing tomorrow. I really need to up my word count. Sorry, I can't stop thinking about that.

I sat down with Candi after the manager meeting this morning to go over my "action plan" for my review. Setting target dates and whatnot to complete all the crapola that I'm supposed to get right so I won't get the sack. She liked my plan which is good, I guess. I'm trying to be positive. I'll just have to be gungho at work till something better comes along. All I can do is try my best. I worked a 50 - 55 hour week last week. This week, with 3 days off, won't be that bad but I will have to put in some extra time to get things done because of the extra day off. But I'm not going in on my day off if I can help it.

I watched "Catwoman" tonight on HBO. Not a great movie. But not nearly as much of a stinker as the critics said. I enjoyed it for what it was. Simple superhero story. I've always liked the character of Catwoman. I think Michelle Pfeiffer did a great job in the Batman movie. But then I've always had a girl-crush on her. She's really the most beautiful woman ever.

Still no heat in my house. I did get the bill paid but I tried over and over yesterday to call the gas company to get somebody to come out and turn on the gas and at one point was on hold for over an hour and a half before giving up. I tried a few other times and waited till 20 or 30 minutes passed to hang up. Fuckers. Their "customer service" blows.Edited on Tues. to let you know that I called again today and finally got an answer after about 10 minutes on hold. They'll be coming out on Dec.1st, which is over a week away. Here's hoping it doesn't get down into the twenties before then.

Good news from the work front. Diane is coming back next Monday. Remember me saying that she was going in for surgery for a lumpectomy? She had the surgery and they discovered the cancer was benign. So no follow-up treatment (radiation/chemo) will be needed. Yay for that! I'm happy for two reasons. Her health, of course. And selfishly, that I won't have to be asst. managing solo during the Christmas season. I was not looking forward to doing that AND having to get all the stuff done on the dang action plan, too. I felt like I was missing my right arm without her there.

Here's to digging out my coffee maker yesterday, cleaning it off and wiping it down, running thru two pots of water to clean it out. Then making myself a pot of coffee. For some stupid reason I haven't used that coffee maker for over two years. Yea, I don't know why either. It's usually a case of out of sight, out of mind for kitchen appliances. It was under the table that I had other stuff on. It's not that I forgot it was there, I just didn't think it made a decent cup of coffee. Turns out...use good coffee to start with..decent cup of coffee. Of course, I'd still like the kind that grinds the beans and then brews the coffee but till then..damn good coffee.

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