Sleep comes like a drug [ 2005-12-21, 2:03 a.m. ]

Tomorrow is finally my day off. These two weeks of senior management only having one day off a week truly bites. I mean, we've done it this way all along but every time I'm struck anew by how much it really really bites. You feel like you live at work. And you're getting nothing done at home. I still only have half of my Christmas shopping done.

Tomorrow I'll be going shopping with Mandy so she can do her shopping. I might do some of my own at the same time.

After that, I'll be going to meet up with Michael and Paco to see "Walk the Line". I told Michael he could choose any movie he wanted since yesterday was his birthday and we'll be celebrating it tomorrow (since I was working). I was so happy when he chose that movie. I've been wanting to see it because 1)It has Joaquin Phoenix and 2)It has Joaquin Phoenix. Seriously, people. I've watched movies for only that reason.

After the movie we'll be going to a new Latin restaurant that Michael found. At that time, Paul will be joining us which will be fun. He's always a treat to talk with.

3 more days of working before the whole Christmas rush is through. And it can't come soon enough. God. People are getting more and more annoying. Like I'm such a people person to begin with..ha. Not. I think I could be a hermit. During this time of year, I start really feeling my claustrophobia kick in. I start feeling kinda pinned in, ya know? I felt a little of that when I went to the U2 concert at first. All those people around me. Roughly 19,000. Makes you want to find a little corner to hide. That's how I feel at work.

I swear..I'm going to find something interesting to say eventually.

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