I like where your head's at [ 2006-01-04, 12:37 a.m. ]

I watched THREE movies today. THREE. Count'em...THREE. All in a row, pretty much.

I didn't go to the movie theatre but decided instead to rent some movies. I first went to my local video store. I was there for several minutes and remembered why I don't like going there as much as I used to. For one, the staff is annoying. Two, their selection of the new stuff isn't that great. I think they must get only 5 or 6 copies of the hot new dvds to rent. It's annoying as well. So I was standing there with a couple of dvds trying to make up my mind. But both of them were pretty heavy and I wanted to get a comedy. Something new. But no luck.

So I put them back on the rack and headed to the Bl@ckbuster. I know. But really, their selection of the newer titles is better. Sue me.

So I went to look for what I wanted and they had them all. Yay! I also went next door to the drugstore and got some sundries.

I started watching my first movie at about 4:45pm. I started with Sin City. What a cool movie. I loved how it looked, of course. And the acting and writing and directing were fabulous as well. I especially adored Clive Owen because how can you not? Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke rocked as well. And Elijah "the hobbit" Wood creeped me the hell out. I think they cast him for his eyes.

After that was The 40 Year Old Virgin. I was surprised at how much I loved this movie. It was really done well. Steve Carrell was fantastic. Not just at the comedy but at hitting the right notes at the dramatic moments. He's a very good actor.

Last was Wedding Crashers. Now, I think, this was written/directed by the same people who did Old School and you can tell. Because like my reaction to the latter film, I was not as bowled over by WC as the critics were. It was definitely funny in a lot of spots but the writing was uneven. I mainly enjoyed it for my love of Vince Vaughn.

Which reminds me of yesterday. I was putting away a few gossip rags on the newsstand shortly before closing. I read the headline of one of them to the cashier "Jen spends lonely holiday without Vince". I said "Hey, I spent a lonely holiday without Vince, too, but I don't see that on the front of a magazine!". It's true. He never writes. Never calls. Sigh. Oh, Vince, why have you forsaken me so? You long drink of sexiness you.

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