You're a pal and a confidant [ 2006-01-05, 6:11 p.m. ]

I hate that I had a chance to go to a movie with a friend and I had no choice but to decline. Sigh. My friend, Christie (the one that I go to concerts with), called me on my cell phone around 3:30 and asked where I was. I told her I was in the office at work. She asked if I wanted to go see "Pride & Prejudice" at 3:50. I told her I was chained to the desk for another hour trying to get paperwork done.

Crap. I love when people call out of the blue and want to do stuff. Stupid work. Blah.

Brenda came by the store to see me today and we went and had lunch together. She gave me a Christmas present...a tin of 3 kinds of lip balm and a tin of foot care stuff (from the Body Shop) and the coolest gift of all, a Weezer watch. Neato!

We had a nice lunch and got caught up on things. I know I mentioned this past summer that she miscarried. Well, she's about 4 months along now and seems to be doing better this time. Crossing my fingers for her.

I finally left work around 5pm and drove past the landlord's place to drop off my check. So long, money!

Then when I got home I had a nice little package in the mail from Kathy. She sent me a very early Birthday gift of some cool magnets and a cute,leather change pouch.

Man..some days I realize what good friends I have in my life. This is one of them.

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