It's all about me [ 2006-01-06, 9:26 p.m. ]

A meme I stole from essaywriter.

Four Jobs I've Had

*My first job was working for my dad's janitorial company. I basically helped clean offices. Nothing too major. But I got paid nicely for it and it helped keep me stocked in LPs.

*My second job was working at T0ys R Us during the Christmas season. I know! What was I thinking? I remember after my first day of training I was about to have a nervous breakdown. The next day I asked to be put in something in the back room instead of on the register. Amazingly, they went along with it. I was the re-wrapper. I can work a shrinkwrapping machine like nobody's business. I had this job for two weeks (even working till midnight on Christmas Eve, which was just plain awful) and then, since I had always assumed that my job was temporary and only for the Christmas season, I handed in my name badge the day after Christmas and said that this was my last day. Ha. I still remember the look on my supervisor's face. I had noooo clue. That's why, even today, I cut young people slack at work. It's called karma.

*My third job was working as a telemarketer. This lasted for a day and a half. I was so stressed from this job that I was literally shaking when I told them I had to quit then and there. That was something my personality was NOT cut out for.

*And then my fourth job was as a paper carrier for the Ch@rlotte Observer. I had that job for a year and a half. And this was while I was taking classes at the community college. Ah, to be young and able to keep up that energy. Though, come to think of it, I didn't have all that much energy. I just remember very little sleep. It was a walking route of close to a 100 homes. It was actually the neighborhood where I was born and my grandparents lived in as well till they moved to Florida. Most times it was pretty nice. Solitary, which suited me fine. I even made Paper Carrier of the Month one time. Woo! I still take pride in the fact that despite a record snowfall of about 12 inches one winter, I had no complaints from any of my customes about their paper. My dad helped me deliver that time and we still talk about it.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

*The Wizard of Oz-I love that movie so much. I really really need that new dvd special edition.

*It's a Wonderful Life--Still my favorite movie of all time.

*The Godfather--Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

*When Harry Met Sally--My mom and I can watch this together a million times and it never gets old.

Four Places I've Lived

*Memphis,TN--we moved there when I was 5 and moved when I was 9. I still love that town. I lived there when Elvis was still around. We could drive up to the gates of Graceland and they would be closed when he was home. One time, when he was gone, the guard let us walk in and walk around the yard.

*Jacksonville,FL--we moved there from Memphis. Left when I was 11. We never lived further than 4 blocks from the beach. Can you just imagine being a kid in the 70's and your only concern was having enough money to spend at the boardwalk? Sigh. Those were the days. I can still picture it in my mind. Riding my bike. A golden suntan. Singing "Afternoon Delight" and having no idea what it was about really.

*Columbia,SC--we lived there just before Memphis. I was young when we lived there but I still remember it. It was hot (we didn't have central air) but I mainly remember the treehouse my sisters built in the backyard. And then I remember that 1)I stepped on a nail which went between my big and second toe. Ow. and 2)Falling from the bridge (which was probably about 6 feet up) that linked the two trees together. I landed on my butt and whoosh..out went my air. Ah, sweet youth. How do kids ever grow up with all the bangs and scrapes we gather through the years?

*Roanoke,VA--we moved there from Florida. I lived there till I was 17. All my real teen years were spent there and I have very vivid and fond memories of that pretty little town in the valley of the Blue Ridge.

Four TV Show I Love to Watch
(I'm going to go with current shows)

*Veronica Mars--I love this show. It's at the top of my dvr series list. I really wish they'd had a show like this when I was a teen. I watch it for the humor, the angst, the music, the story and for Logan, of course.

*Supernatural--you gotta love the kind of show that combines "The X-Files" with "Route 66". Plus, it inspired some of my Nano story.

*'s ending at the end of this run. Which is ok, I guess, since Vaughn is gone. But I love this show with all the cool spy stuff and the sexy men.

*Grey's Anatomy--plenty of angst and humor. Somehow this show managed to suck me in. It's not completely original, I know, but the writing and acting just really..suck you in.

Ok, that's the meme. I'll give an actual entry tomorrow. Maybe.

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