A Survey!!!!!!!! [ 2006-01-15, 10:07 p.m. ]

Name * Judith
Sex * female
Age * 39
Hair Color * brown..right now
Eye Color * blue-grey
Heigh * 5'6"
Your Heritage * 1/4 German, 1/4 Scottish,1/4 Irish, 1/4 English
Your Best Friend * Michael
Single Or Taken * single
Do You Do Drugs * no
Do You Drink * occassionally


Color * blue
Food * french fries
Boy Name * Jake
Girl Name * Madison (I've loved that name since several years ago in town a woman had quadruplets and one of the babies was named Madison. Unfortunately, the baby died but I let her live on by using her name in novels sometimes)
Animal * all breeds of cat
Sport * baseball and football

Have You Ever...

Smoked * I have in the past. It's been a while since I had one. I'm usually a social smoker. I smoke when I drink with other smokers which is pretty rare nowadays
Skinny Dipped * yes
Seen Your Crush Naked * I have no crush at the moment other than my Hollywood crushes..so that would be no unless seeing Jake Gyllenhaal naked in a movie counts.
Lied * no..hey look! I just lied!
Fallen For Your Best Friend * not my best friend but I did develop a huge crush once on a guy who was a close friend to me
Been Rejected * more often than I'd like to remember
Rejected Someone * yes, a few times.
Done Something You Regret * I definitely have a few regrets but I try to not dwell too much. It would make me crazier than I already am.


Clothes * my pajamas and fuzzy socks
Music * Right now I'm not listening to music but at this moment in my life I'm really into Fall Out Boy, Spoon, Ryan Adams (when am I not into him?), that Lazy Sunday video/song from SNL
Smell * the smell of the spanish rice that I just ate
Fav. Band * Fall Out Boy (is this supposed to be a guilty pleasure? I can't help myself!)
Desktop Picture * the Robert Doisneau photo "The Kiss"
Annoyance * that my vacation isn't starting this week

Are You...

Understanding * I usually manage or at least try to see both sides
Open-Minded * I would hope so
Interesting * eh..I suppose I am. If you've read this far into the survey I'm guessing you think so :-)
Random * I like to say things out of the blue to see how people react
Moody * Good God, yes.
Organized * no. I'm slightly organized at work but at home..not a chance
Shy * I am someone who has to force herself to look peoplei n the eye. It can kill me to do this..so,yes, shyness has followed me this far and it isn't going anywhere
Difficult * I'm sure some people think so. I just call it bullheaded.
Attractive * While I know I'm fat, it doesn't mean that I don't think I'm attractive..at least in the face
Obsessed * I once had a guy tell me that I should never try hard drugs because of my obsessive nature. He knew too well.

Opposite Sex...

What Do You Notice First * his smile or laugh, his hair, the way he carries himself
Best Eye Color * all eye colors are beautiful, just don't wear funky colored contacts
Best Hair Color * I tend to fall for dark-haired men but it doesn't really matter
Short Or Long Hair * either/or
Best Height * I do like tall men but I don't let shortness bother me as long as I'm not looking down at the top of their head..even then I'm not sure I care
Best Weight * Whatever looks best on him..as long as he's healthy and happy
Best Clothing Style * I like an eclectic style so I love a guy who can pull off a cool tee shirt and faded jeans or a really nice suit

Just Some Last Questions...

Last Movie You Have Seen At The Theatre * Brokeback Mountain
Fav. Cartoon * Shrek
What Did You Have For Breakfast * I don't usually eat breakfast
Could You Live Without Your Computer * yes, but it's very nice to have
Do You Dye Your Hair * I haven't in a while but I'm planning on doing so very soon cause these grey roots are getting pretty damn noticeable
Who Makes You Laugh The Most * My sister,Mandy. She's always entertaining.
Do You Wish You Were Younger * Oh, lordy. I'm about to turn 40..I guess I wish I knew then what I know now. I'd like to try to be 22 again and do it better this time
Do You Have Any Crushes * Nobody in real life, really. But my Hollywood crushes at the moment are Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix.
Did You Like High School * I liked it better than junior high, that's for sure
Do You Want To Get Married * Sure, if I find that right guy
What Are Your Thoughts On Love * Frankly, it's the only thing worth living for
Number Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken * 3 times at least
Do You Get Along With Your Parents * we get along great
Do You Cuss * fuck yea!
Do You Ever Wish You Had Another Name * not really
Number Of Close Friends * four
Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Teacher * yes
Have Any Tattoos * one of a faerie on my left ankle
Do You Have A Secret People Would Be Surprised By * yep
Are You A Virgin * see above
What Theme Does Your Room Have * The theme would be..put me on a decorating show now and help me!
How Do You Feel Right Now * happy that the Panthers are going to the NFC championship game!!
Whats One Of Your Bad Qualities * I get irritated too quickly
Whats One Of Your Good Qualities * I can make people laugh
Last Time You Cried In School * that's too long ago to remember
For Or Against Long Distance Relationships * sure, with email and IM I think relationships can last over long distance
Ever Cried Over The Opposite Sex * God, yes
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight * yes, very much so
Favorite Thing In Your Room * my pillow
Your Nickname(s) * Jude,Judy,Judois (pronouced Jude-wah)

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