Ring of Fire [ 2006-01-17, 1:12 a.m. ]

I'm currently listening to my iTunes. I downloaded Sufjan Stevens' album "Illinois" last week but just started listening to it yesterday. This album was one several best album lists for 2005. As well it should be. I'm halfway through it (there are 24 tracks) and I'm really impressed. Go and listen to it!

Today was the usual Monday morning manager meeting. I led it since our manager has a few days off in a row. I was pretty much all business and got us through what we needed to talk about. And then I had us take the Cosmo quiz. It was about "Do you reveal too much?". We got out pen and paper and wrote down our answers and then I tallied the scores. Funnily enough, we all had similar scores. I'm telling you..every meeting should end with a Cosmo quiz. I really rock.

I watched the Golden Globes tonight. Or rather my dvr did and I watched it in record time after it was over. That's the best way to watch it, in my opinion. FF through the bull. I was very happy for the wins by Reese, Joaquin, Ang Lee, the writers of "Brokeback Mountain", George Clooney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. And very glad that the two movies that I've seen in the theatre won both movie categories.."Walk the Line" and "Brokeback Mountain". How cool is that?

Michael sent out invites yesterday by email for an Oscars party. I usually do watch it with him and Paco so I rsvp'd back immediately saying I'd be there. I had already asked off for that day anyway. Should be fun.

I had an Oscars get together at my apartment 3 years ago that was a lot of fun. That was the year Steve Martin hosted and was so damn funny. I had 3 girlfriends over and several bottles of wine. I was so very tipsy by the ending. It was great fun but one of those things that you can't really duplicate for the fun factor. Those things just sort of fall into place themselves.

I don't know if any of you remember me talking about a guy that used to come into the store quite often named Chris. He's the best friend of the guy who was our cafe manager a couple years back. Anyway, Chris is so damn hot and nice and smart. He was in the store today and afterwards I went into the bathroom and realized my face was hot. I am one of those people who, whenever I am in a confrontation or a situation that makes me nervous, I blush badly. My face feels all firey. It doesn't do it every single time but enough to where it's irritating.

Anyway, I helped him with a book and we just asked how each other's holiday was and whatnot. He teaches at the local college that Christie also teaches at. She tells me that it's so funny when he is in a classroom that her next class is in. He's always surrounded by girls just dying to talk to him. Heh. I can't much blame them.

I remember one night going to see his band play (he had a bar band with his friend/my former co-worker) and I got so drunk. I ended up pinching his butt. You can imagine my mortification the next time I saw him.

Anywho, I'm off tomorrow. And I'm hoping the dvds I ordered from block-buster online come on time so I can spend the day watching movies.

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