Still enjoying my cute new hairdo [ 2006-01-30, 2:27 a.m. ]

I'm going stir crazy. So tomorrow is the day I go for a bit of shopping. Grocery and otherwise. Saturday and Sunday were spent mainly in pajamas and watching tv. So, yes, I'm going a bit nutty.

You ever so bored that you want to do something but you're too lazy to really do all the things you should be doing around the house? Well, that's me. It's like when I was little and I would complain to my mom that there was nothing to drink and I was thirsty. She would always reply "there's always water". To a little kid, that means nothing. Water..blech. Now, not so much but still that kind of thing still applies.

So..I'll do some shopping. Maybe even go to a movie. Not sure what though. At the local theatre they have Match Point playing. But I'd like to see Capote, Munich and Goodnight, and Good Luck.

I did watch Constant Gardener last night on dvd. I wasn't that impressed. I feel like I've seen that kind of movie before. The poor in Africa, corrupt government/corporations and saintly white woman. I basically give it a B-. Mainly the photography impressed me. Gorgeous.

I also watched, on IFC, last night Buffalo Soldiers which starred Joaquin Phoenix. I liked it. It had dark humor and a good ending.

Did anyone see Jake Gyllenhaal on OPRAH the other day? How cute is he? Now really. It's almost criminal.

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