U2 stayed at my house and I never got a chance to talk to Bono..ok, it was a dream but still!! [ 2006-02-07, 2:16 a.m. ]

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Man, one of my favorite songs is by The Godfathers, Birth,School,Work,Death. That pretty much sums up life, don't ya think?

So..first day back from the old vacay. What a drag. But it was okay. I had the usual Monday morning meeting and then came home and crashed for 3 hours. Thank God. Sometimes naps are so delicious.

I went back at 4pm to close and managed to get a few things done. Even though my allergies were kicking my ass. Damn dust.

Let me backtrack and I'll tell you how the last of my vacation went. Friday I went with Michael and Paco to eat at a Mexican restaurant that I happened to have a gift card for. I got it from Brenda for Christmas over a year ago. Which is crazy since gift cards usually burn a hole in my pocket. Though I do still have my Lane Bryant gift card and still have some left on my Starbucks gift card. What the heck is wrong with me? Anyway...it's funny to go to Mexican restaurants with someone from Mexico. Paco was telling me some misnomers on the menu but loved the food anyway. He's said in the past that many of these Mexican themed restaurants aren't that far off from how eateries are in Mexico. Lots of the same kind of kitchy decor.

So we ordered. I almost always get a chicken taco salad. Damn, was it good. Damn. We also got margaritas. I got a strawberry one which rocked. They got the watermelon. Yummy as well.

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Afterwards, we went back to their house and watched Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. I enjoyed it though it wasn't good as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Michael seemed a bit off that night because I think his mind was preoccupied with the fact that their financial situation is in flux still. I really hope it settles down for them soon.

Tonight at work, Jen was working in the cafe and she told me she'd send me the U2 pics. So I'm going to try and include a couple here.

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