Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own [ 2006-02-09, 1:30 a.m. ]

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I know the Grammys aren't that well respected by people who love alt-rock. Believe me, I'm one of those people. But it's always nice to see the artists you like/love get one because that means somebody who isn't that worthy of all the hype didn't get one. Vindictive..maybe. But who cares?

I recorded the Grammys because that's really the only way I can watch it. Being able to FF through the boring speeches and performances which means it took me about an hour to watch a 3.5 hour show. Brilliant!

I watched U2 perform..of course. Mary J. Blige came out and sang One with them. While I think she's good, that song is not meant to be "oversung". That's my feeling about it but your mileage may vary. Still, she sounded good. I also watched, of coruse, Paul McCartney. I love that he ripped out Helter Skelter. Talk about rocking the house. He's so gear.

Let's see..I also watched Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Paul perform. That was pretty good. I kinda like LP for some reason. They're just different which is always a nice thing. I watched some of Coldplay perform. I love'em but I get to see them all the time on music videos so it isn't the same.

I was glad that Green Day won for Song of the Year for Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I have a tiny crush on Billie Joe. And I've loved Green Day since Dookie came out. I used to play that tape in my car at the highest volume possible.

And naturally, I was very excited that U2 won for Best Rock Album, Record of the Year AND Best Album of the Year. Fantastic. I know that How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is not my favorite U2 album but I was so glad that they won for the album that I got to hear back in December live.

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So, Wednesday was my day off. I got absolutely zero done. It was pretty pathetic. I stayed in my pajamas. Fell asleep again at 4:30 and woke up just before 10:30pm. Sad. Very sad. Unfortunately for me, I have to work in the morning. Which means I have to be up in about 3-4 hours. Crap. know what's odd about work for me lately? I've discovered that I have a talent for making my manager laugh. I know I'm funny. I take great pleasure in saying something shocking yet funny which makes people crack up involunatarily. So with all my complaining about work back in Oct,Nov and December..this is kind of a turnaround for me. I'm still working my ass off. I can't let my guard or whatever down about that. But it does make for a nicer work environment when, while doing a good job, I can make her laugh. Plus, she gets slightly vague references. At the meeting on Monday morning, she was talking about planning something out but not getting too nuts with it. I said to her "You don't want to get crazy with the cheez whiz". She stopped and laughed.."That's Beck, isn't it?". I had to laugh at that. She knew an obscure reference. Cool. Also, a couple months ago, she comes driving up with her stereo blasting the Beastie Boys. Ha. She's about 5 years younger than me but is married with a small kid. I know I had a rough start with her but I'm hoping I can continue to get along with her. It's much better than the alternative.

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