Oh l'amour [ 2006-02-12, 11:46 p.m. ]

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I remember when I first heard The The's album "Dusk". It blew me away. I would play that album and the Afghan Whigs' "Gentlemen" all the time. Both are pretty dark albums. Very intense. But that's a big part of me. That's why I love that kind of music. It can help express how I feel some of the time.

"Love, love, love is stronger than death"

Ok..anyway, so I worked this weekend and still felt pretty crummy physically. It's mainly with how congested how I feel because of my allergies. But I somehow managed to get some things done yesterday. And then I had time to do my self-evaluation for my yearly review. Yes, boys and girls. It's close to that time again for me. Just think. At this time last year I had no idea what the year would bring for me. I'm kinda surprised I survived that turmoil. Literally and figuratively. How I didn't get canned, I'm not all together sure. I know I worked my ass off but still... I kinda wonder what the hell I was doing beforehand. *shrug* Oh,well. I'm hoping this review period will be less stomach-clenching, migraine-enducing. One can hope. She won't give them till the beginning of March or so. I just need to hand in my self-evaluation tomorrow. I always go blank when I do those things. I kept staring off into space. "What the hell did I accomplish this past year?" I said aloud to nobody in the office.

Now playing: Red Skies--The Fixx
I had a vegetarian friend who had slightly alternate lyrics to this song. His version went "Red beans and rice..oh,oh...oh oh ohhh" Heh.

Hey, I have Valentine's Day off. Lucky me. I think I'll watch some anti-VD movies. But most likely I'll rent some of the season 2 "Gilmore Girls" dvds of the shows I haven't seen from that year. Big plans. That's me. Jetting off to Rome with my Italian lover, sipping champagne in his penthouse..a bath of rose petals. Yep. More like GG dvds and comfy pj's. But there will be chocolate. That's one thing I like about VD.

There's a sentence that looks odd out of context.

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