I am a dj..I am what I play [ 2006-02-16, 1:38 a.m. ]

I'm watching the Olympics right now. It's something called the Team Pursuit which is a team of three speed skaters. That's about all I know. Anyway..

So yesterday I was off work like I said. And I had the weirdest sleep as usual. As I wrote in my last entry, I fell asleep Monday at 6pm and woke up around 1am. I ended up not going to sleep again till around noon on Tuesday and woke around 4:30pm. And then didn't go to sleep till after 7am this morning. Oy.

After I wrote my last entry I put on another one of my dvds from blockbust@ronline,Elizabethtown.Believe me when I say that I really wish that I had liked it more. Maybe on a second viewing, I would. There were definitely parts of it that I really liked. Parts that definitely reflected Cameron Crowe's style. And I liked Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. I'm not too sure he's really come into his own enough to carry a movie like she can. The parts where they're having a long conversation on their cell phones is one of my favorite parts. The conversation really goes back and forth on subjects like a lot of long phone conversations do. And the last 15 minutes or so of the film are my favorites. She makes him a cd of songs and a list of things to go see on this long drive he's making. Seeing as how I love travel and music, it really yanked at my soul.

It really makes me want to make some cd mixes. And not just random stuff but things that evoke a mood. My favorite kind of thing to do.

Today at work I was so damn tired. And not just because of my wacky sleep. I've mentioned that physically I haven't been feeling too good. I've figured out that I probably have a sinus infection. Yet again. I actually went ahead and called my allergy doctor. Yay for that. And managed to get an appt. for tomorrow afternoon. Yay again! If I can get this taken care of, plus get some prescriptions for my allergies and also have him look at my right ear and it's hearing deficiency..I'll be a happy camper.

I just felt like I couldn't do much at work without feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath. I'm so damn congested and just can't stop blowing my nose. Blah. Just being at rest is the only thing that makes me feel halfway normal.

Once again, I'm off tomorrow. Which is great. I have my doctor appt. plus I need to get that wedding dress I sold for my sister out in the mail. I'm really hoping the box I got is big enough for it.

I got my tickets for the Franz Ferdinad/Death Cab show in the mail today!! And also, I got an email from Christie saying she could definitely go to the concert!! I'm so happy about that!

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