Short Attention Span Theatre [ 2006-02-23, 3:54 a.m. ]

Just sitting here late in the night watching the Olympics with the sound off. I always get so much into the Olympics and always feel bereft when they're over. This is why God invented the Wide World of Sports. But alas, I hardly ever see that. Is it even on anymore? I guess with all the ESPN channels and whatnot, it might not be. Ah well. I'll just soak it up while I can.

Last night I wanted badly to watch Torvill and Dean's beautiful ice dancing routine to Bolero. I finally found it on You gotta love the internet. Anyway, I remember watching that routine back at the 1984 Winter Olympics, which were in Sarajevo by the way. And just feeling tears well in my eyes at the simplistic beauty of it. It's really what ice dancing is all about. Now, I've always been more partial to regular ice skating to watch but I really do appreciate ice-dancing when it's done well.

Now that I've bored all you non-ice skating lovers out there...I got nothing. Nothing much going on. I close again tomorrow then I'm off on Friday. I totally need to go see the rest of the nominated Best Picture movies. I've yet to see Capote, Munich and Good night, and good luck. Crap. I gotta get busy. The Oscars are in just a week and a half. My problem is my attention span is completely gone. I can't sit and read a book for very long. I can't watch a dvd of a movie. I'm like a 5 year old. I can't seem to just pay attention to anything for very long. And the Olympics don't count since I can go in and out of watching them.

I think I need some sleep. That could help. Naaahh...why start now?!

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