Well that was easy [ 2006-02-27, 10:58 p.m. ]

First off, I want to thank the lovely..er..I mean,wonderful Smed for his rockin' guest entry yesterday. He said some wonderfully kind things about me and hey, who doesn't mind hearing that about themselves? So,thanks,Smed. You can guest entry any ol' time.

Next, I want all of you people in need of a good chick lit book and if you've read any of Emily Giffin's books, you'll want to get this one that I have up on eBay right now. It isn't coming out till June and I've already got several people watching to pounce to get it at the last minute. Hopefully, the price will skyrocket. Go bid!!

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I put another advanced reader copy up on eBay on Saturday and it sold within an hour for the Buy it Now price of $20. It was Augusten Burroughs' (of "Running with Scissors" fame) next book that comes out in May.

I went to a music download site today (legal downloading of course). I heard about through Rolling Stone of all places. It's emusic. Right now I have a 14 day free trial and you get 25 free downloads that you can put import into your iTunes and everything. I just did it today and I only have 7 downloads left. I got all of the new Cat Power album. I've never listened to her but kept hearing about her and I really like this one. Plus, I got a few single songs from some other artists that I've heard about or just wanted a sample of their album. And I also got Sid Vicious' "My Way". Can't go wrong with a classic, I always say.

Today was a weird day. Yesterday I was so nervous about today. (That would be a great song title) I said about a week or so ago that I was anxious about the fact that we weren't making payroll. Well, we still aren't. And we are also gearing up to get our big store visit from our DM to have us qualify for this certification thingy. It's a huge deal. And I'm in charge of making sure all the scheduling paperwork is being done correctly. There's A LOT of paperwork involved. And my manager had left me a couple of notes about some things that really made me frustrated. Not so much with her but with the company. I think the company sets these ridiculous standards that only work in a perfect scenario. But..that's most people's beefs with their own companies so I know I'm preaching to the choir.

I was sitting here last night watching the closing ceremonies (I miss the Olympics already!! Waah!!) and my leg was doing this nervous bouncing thing. It was just preying on my mind and I was really trying to not let it. But still...Also, I had this nagging feeling that I might be having another of our "sit downs" with my manager about my performance. Like I've said before..I'm paranoid. And another thing was that I saw on my manager's calendar that the conference call about doing events for the paperback release of "The DaVinci Code" was Monday morning and I'd put down a few weeks ago on the memo that I wanted to be the store leader on helping to come up with ideas for the district and region. I figure it can't help to throw my hat in the ring whenever I can, ya know?

So I brainstormed last night, also while watching the closing ceremonies, and came up with 10 things. (This entry is getting long,isn't it? Here's a cup of coffee.) I was determined to not be caught unawares. So I fell asleep before all the ceremonies were over (but not before setting my dvr to record the rest of them) at around 10:30pm. I was exhausted. But then I woke up just before 4am. Sigh. So I watched the rest of the ceremonies and ended up staying awake and taking a shower and getting ready for the usual Monday morning meeting.

There was a lot to cover at the meeting so we were there till after 9am. I mentioned to my manager "am I sitting it on the conference call for the Dan Brown event?". She said yes. I showed her my pad of 10 brainstorm ideas and she looked impressed, which was nice. I think she may've been afraid that since she hadn't really talked to me about it that I wasn't going to be prepared. So, the conf. call went pretty well. I had some good ideas that I contributed and the DM seemed pretty impressed with a couple of them. I have to do some research on a couple of things that will keep me busy this week but that's fine. Nothing wrong with busy.

I was really only supposed to work 12-6 since the 2 hours for the meeting were backed out of my usual 8 hour shift. But I stayed at the store from 7am till about 10:45am. Went to the Post Office and picked up some lunch and was back in the office by noon. Got some good feedback about the scheduling paperwork that made me feel less stupid and ineffectual. Always a good thing. Finally left at around 6pm.

That brings me to now. I'm off tomorrow and the plan..again..is to see one of the nominated movies. I swear it's going to happen!

Now Playing: Where is my Love?--Cat Power. She reminds me of PJ Harvey on the "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea" album. I heart that album so much. You Said Something is one of my favorite songs ever.

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