I curse Sir Walter Raleigh..he was such a stupid git [ 2006-03-03, 6:26 a.m. ]

It isn't often that I read something in Gl@mour magazine that actually seems relevant to me. But they have an article in there in the April issue about "somnorexia". It's where you regularly get less than 7 hours of sleep and when you do get a chance to sleep longer you can do it for at least 10 hours straight and you take naps often etc... They pretty much nailed me. I need to read the whole article and see if there's actually good advice. I'm doubting it.

I went to see Munich after work on Thursday. Yes,boys and girls. I actually made it to the movie theatre. I went to the 4:30 showing. First off, the theatre seats sucked. I kept having to sit on the edge so I could sit up straight. I don't have the world's greatest posture (as I sit slumped in my computer chair) but some theatre seats have your ass tilted back too much and giving no support to your back. ugh.

Anyway, the movie was good. Not great but good. I'd give it a B+. Eric Bana was very good in the lead role. After the movie I kept wondering who the guy with the piercing blue eyes and blond hair was. He was one of the guys helping Eric Bana's character. Then the credits rolled and I realized it was Daniel Craig (future James Bond). Man, that guy is a chameleon of an actor. When I watched The Jacket last month I didn't know it was him till the movie was over.

The movie's final shot definitely makes one realize the comparisons of America's own need for vengeance for 9/11 with Israel's need to avenge what happened in Munich are pretty similar in lots of ways. And the results aren't too different either. I had a feeling that Spielberg would go there for that last shot. It was effective.

As I was saying about sleep, by the time I came home it was about 8pm and I wasn't that hungry yet. So I laid in bed, watched something on my dvr and then rolled over and fell asleep. For about 5 hours. That's why I'm up at 6:38am even though I'm off today. Gar!!

I have to go pay rent today but that's all I need to do. First I need to find my checkbook. Stupid clutter.

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