Running On Empty [ 2006-03-06, 2:11 p.m. ]

Now Playing: In My Time--Matthew Sweet. I love that man.

Yesterday, as I said I was going to in that early morning entry, I went to work on my friggin' day off. I was there for around 4 hours. But not before breaking down in tears of frustration about scheduling. Gah. What a true pain. Really. I did manage to have a burst of inspiration about something that I ended up talking with my manager about. She liked the idea because it made payroll slightly less tight and told me "good job!". That made me feel so much better about all that. I mean, last night, as I was lying in bed, trying so hard to decompress and not stress, I burst into tears. God. I hate that. The next three weeks at work are going to be stressful to say the least. We have our big ol' certification for the store coming up on the 22nd and we HAVE to pass this time. Or else it's our heads. Off. I don't know, really, what would happen but I don't want to find out, ya know?

Now Playing: Silver Naked Ladies-- Paul Westerberg. I was never a HUGE Replacements fan but I like his songwriting.

So anyways, after working yesterday morning, I went to a matinee showing of Capote. I highly recommend it. Very good movie. I'd totally watch it again. Plus, I want to read the book, In Cold Blood. And, of course, I'm very happy Philip Seymour Hoffman won for Best Oscar.

Speaking of the I went to Michael's for the party to watch the show. In total, there were 12 people there. Yea, I told him that next year a few people less would be better. He agreed. A few people there hadn't seen hardly any of the movies and just weren't into it as much as Michael and I are. I'm serious about these things. I was happy with the job that Jon Stewart did. He was damn funny. "A salute to montages!" Heh. I was pretty happy with everyone that won though I'd rather that Amy Adams won for Best Supporting Actress. Loved Clooney winning. And I liked Reese winning, too. I'm trying to get over my incredulousness over Crash winning for Best Picture. It totally should've been Brokeback Mountain, y'all. Totally. I didn't like most of Crash. There were some good performances but it wasn't really a great movie to me. Frankly, if Brokeback couldn't win I would've been happy with any of the others winning other than Crash. But,hey, it ain't up to me unfortunately.

I had the managers' meeting this morning which lasted till almost 9:30. Ugh. Then I met up with my manager about the whole scheduling thing. I got home at 11am. At noon, I had a conference call about the The Da Vinci Code "task force" that I'm on to make a big deal about the paperback coming out on March 28th. My DM got chosen as the person to get together ideas so she asked every store to have a head person in charge of it. I did it mainly to just have it look good on my review. Can't hurt.

Now I'm contemplating a nap. After I finish listening to Jackson Browne sing Running On Empty.

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