I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down [ 2006-03-20, 12:17 a.m. ]

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I had quite a long day today. I opened so I was there at 7am. Didn't leave till about 8:45pm. Oy. We had a staff meeting so I figured,hell..I have plenty of paperwork to do and the meeting starts at 7pm so why bother going home? Well, I got some paperwork done but not nearly as much as I hoped. The freakin' computer kept crapping out on me when I was using Excel. Bah. Our computers are from the Middle Ages. We may as well use abacuses.

Or is that abacusi?

Anyways, I have to get up tomorrow morning for the usual Monday morning meeting fun. Sigh. Two more days then we have the big ol' certification day on Wednesday. There is still too much to do. I was bummed when I realized I was closing tomorrow as that means that I'll not get as much done. So I'll probably end up coming back a couple hours early so I can work on some stuff. I know. Stop envying me.

I'm making a mix cd for my friend,Helen. I'm just trying to get the order right so I'm listening to all the songs first to see how they flow. I talked to her on yahoo messenger last night which was cool. I don't IM much with anyone because I tend to have a hard time just concentrating on that. I swear I have ADD. You'd think I'd be skinny with how fidgety I get.

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It's going to be chilly here the rest of the week which is fine by me. I am totally not ready for very warm weather. Last year I remember it stayed fairly cool till mid-May. Hey,it gets hot enough here in the summer. I say let it stay cool for as long as it wants.

Well,I suppose I ought to sleep some. Dammit.

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