I'm good enough..I'm smart enough..and doggone it, people like me [ 2006-04-03, 5:57 p.m. ]

Now Playing: Steady as she goes--The Raconteurs That's the sideline band that Jack White has. Damn good song. And a bit different but not radically so from the White Stripes.

So. The last few days have been up and down for me. I was spazzing out on Saturday when I was at work. That feeling of being overwhelmed came over me. But then I stopped. I realized something about myself. I land on my feet no matter what. I have a support system of family and friends. I have a ton of work experience. I will get through this one way or another. No worries. At least not much. It ain't the end of the world is what I'm sayin'.

I wrote my "action plan" on Sunday and had Diane review it for me. She made some really good suggestions so I modified it. I sat down with my manager this morning and she thought it looked good. Before I spoke with her I was feeling a bit nauseous even though I was telling myself to not worry too much. Sometimes your tummy doesn't listen to you. So after the meeting, I was suddenly very hungry. Ha.

Now Playing: Ferry Cross the Mersey--Gerry and the Pacemakers

I have been applying online to some places. Putting out feelers. The thing is is that I don't want to leave till my surgery is over AND my June vacation is over. I'm selfish that way.

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Tonight I'm going to make a mix cd for somebody at work and just chill. I deserve it. :-)

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