I long for the old days when I could travel just by folding a map [ 2006-04-08, 2:11 a.m. ]

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Whew. I can't believe I made it back.

The concert was in Durham at Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Ya know, where the Blue Devils basketball team plays. So you'd think there would be PLENTY of signs showing us exactly where it was.... Alas, no. It's a beautiful campus, of course. One we got very familiar with by driving in circles for what seemed longer than it was. I started to slightly wig out which I apologized for then and later by saying "I have control issues. Everytime I get lost I feel vulnerable and weak." Which pretty much explains my whole life but anyway..

Once we finally got parked and got to the facility there was a long-ass line. They had metal-detectors at the doors and everything. I know they've had some problems this past week what with the lacrosse team's being accused of raping a stripper and then some threats about drive-by shootings..but please. This is the emo crowd you're talking to. It ain't emo to shoot people. Christie wanted to put that on a shirt for me when I said it while we were in line. Heh.

So we were in line for almost an HOUR! Finally got in and as we figured out where our section was, I heard the opening riff of Franz Ferdinand's "You're so Lucky" start up. Luckily (ha!) we got to our seats quickly. The seats were a side view of the full stage. Not great but not bad either.

I loved Franz Ferdinand. They kicked ass. There was a cool drum solo during one of their songs that the guy playing keyboards came flying over and joined the drummer and it was just fun to watch. Their set was too short for me but they weren't the headliners tonight. Death Cab was.

So after Franz went off the stage, I turned to Christie and jokingly asked if she thought there would be a drum solo during Death Cab's show. We decided no.

They sounded great and what do you know..a drum solo! Not quite as cool as the Franz one but still,cool. I thoroughly enjoyed them but would've liked to have seen them in a smaller venue though I guess it's too late for that now.

The drive back home was uneventful, thankfully. I'm always amazed when I come back from one of these road trips unscathed. Or alive. Heh.

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