Hurts so it doesn't [ 2006-04-11, 2:13 a.m. ]

Ow. My back hurts. Ow. I rubbed some Icy Hot on it and it's a bit better but still..ow.

I closed tonight and Tracy and I were at the store till 11:30pm trying to finish up displays that start Tuesday. As usual, we live in fear that displays won't be up in time for our "fearless leader" in the morning. So we worked like crazy. And Diane was there from noon till after 10pm working on displays and she's got a sinus infection and sounds like crap. Argh. I hate this.

I know that I wanted to be more positive and for the most part I still am. And I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip. I do still get that feeling that I'm digging in sand. More I try, the more that comes on top of me. It's impossible.

The good news is is that I have the weekend off again. I'd asked off for Easter Sunday a while back. And I had Saturday off because of next week was supposed to be when the cafe manager and I went to Gulfport. But..I think I did mention that the trip was cancelled, right? The company didn't need us. Part of me thought and still does, that they didn't want a manager going down there that was on a 30 day notice. Who cares? I could've helped but they didn't let me.

It's times like this that I wish I had a whirlpool bath. Ow.

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