Back to the velvet underground [ 2006-04-24, 10:27 a.m. ]

There are times when I think that my life is full of fateful moments. Like things connect or there is some kind of theme to my life for a while.

I'm currently listening to in the car, Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. The main character has been struck by lightning and from that experience comes revelations about herself. I love Hoffman's style of bringing these otherworldly things to people's character and having them mirror or exagerrate the problems in that person's life.

So this lightning theme is starting to be noticeable now in my life. My friend Kathy and her husband sent a photo yesterday of the apartment house across from them. It was struck by a bolt of lightning Saturday morning. Very scary. We had a bunch of storms come through on Saturday and I remember lying in bed thinking how close the lightning seemed.

Then to slightly continue the theme of lightning, I went in last night to work a couple hours after we closed. I put on the '80's muzak channel and the first song that came on was Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy". It came on just as Stevie Nicks was singing "And it all comes down to you..Well,you know that it does...Well,lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice..And it lights up the night...".

I just think it's kinda cool how life can highlight things for you sometimes. Your awareness of elements that reflect a state of being. An emotion. Where you are in life. The turmoil.

Alice Hoffman's main character is one that has felt guilt over wishes that she thought had come true because she made them. Her heart had become like ice. Then she's struck by lightning. Her physical being changes. Her senses are awakened. She meets another lightning survivor who is all fire. While her's feels like ice til she meets him. It's all very metaphorical. Which I love.

I was over at my parents' house yesterday and once again The Godfather was on. I'd been watching it on Saturday since AMC was having a Godfather movies marathon. I will watch that movie anytime it's on. I was discussing with my mom the motives behind what the characters were doing. I stopped at one point and said "Oh,by the way, these characters are real to me. As are the ones in The Sopranos". My mom laughed. I told her I guess it's because the fictional mob families are similar to mythology characters to me. These things are exaggerated. Things "normal" people feel but they act on them. They control. They love. They die. All with a bunch of drama. Life completely lived.

"Faces freedom with a little fear. I have no fear. I have only love"

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