Gotta get in the hot tub [ 2006-05-05, 2:51 p.m. ]

Argh. I'm sore! Inventory was a true bitch. I was there for over 12 hours, mostly on my feet. We didn't leave till about 4:15am. While we do have an outside company come in to do the actual counting, we have to go back and check on their accuracy. And to top off my soreness, Aunt Flo came to visit last night. I really need to crawl back into bed.

I only crawled out of it because I'd told my sister,Mandy, that I was going to have lunch with her today. I hung around her workplace for a bit afterwards then headed home with a pit stop at the grocery store.

Just now I emailed Michael to see if he'd be willing to take me to the surgery place next Friday since I can't drive afterwards. I have no idea if he'll be able to do this for me. I think my dad can drive me but like I've mentioned before, his hearing is not good and his health is kinda bad therefore I don't want to have him have to hang around for so long. I have to get there at 10am, my surgery is at 11:30, the surgery takes up to 2 hours and then I guess there's a half hour to an hour of recovery. That's a long time to wait. And my parents don't live around the corner.

So I've asked Michael and we'll just see if he can do it.

Hey,to top off my soreness, I just now looked at some of my pre-op info and just remembered that they had told me that I shouldn't use aspirin products (including ibuprofen) two weeks prior. Oops. I took 4 Advil last night! Ah,well. I'll just go cold turkey for the next week.

Just a quick update. I got an email back from Michael and he said, he could do it, no problem. Yay! That is such a relief.

Ever notice how much I worry about things?

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