Post-surgery update [ 2006-05-14, 3:33 p.m. ]

Two days now after my surgery.

Frankly, I think it's just weird that I had surgery. You watch these medical shows and think about what a complete pain it is for the patient to have to be there. And for me, one who really hates hospitals, I get nervous being there.

But..I do have to say that the nurses and doctors really kept me company and didn't give me too much time to think about the whole thing. Which is to say that they are much better than those people on "Grey's Anatomy". And, no, unfortunately, Cat, I didn't see McDreamy before I went under. Sigh. More's the pity.

One side effect I'm still dealing with is the sort of numbing that my tongue still has. They said it's a nerve that's connected with the ear that can effect your tongue for several days...sometimes months. Hoping it doesn't last that long.

I am still having some mild pain from the ear but the pain pills work fine on it and it's not constant.

I came home yesterday afternoon and it felt so nice to be in my bed again. The guest bed at my parents' house is way too firm for me. Ow. Mine is just right. signed, Goldilocks.

At Target yesterday, besides buying my mom her Mother's Day gift, I bought the dvd of "Godfather II". I watched it last night with the commentary. I heart that movie. And the commentary by Francis Ford Coppola is definitely worth a listen.

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