Back to work [ 2006-05-16, 9:20 p.m. ]

I was about to say that I was feeling some pain but I just felt my painkiller kick in. Whee.

I actually did leave work a couple hours early because the first day back was starting to get to me. Plus, I couldn't take a pain pill while I was there if I was going to be driving home within four hours. But I came home and waited to take it till I ate something and ..maybe it's because I'm tired but it's making me feel a bit spaghetti noodley. Not that I'm complaining.

Work wasn't too bad though. I got what I needed to get done..well,done. And thankfully, it wasn't too busy when I left so I hope Tracy didn't have a bad time of it in those missing two hours that I wasn't there.

I talked with my sister,Christy, on the phone for an hour before eating dinner. She was telling me all about her 25th wedding anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. Sounds like they had a lot of fun. They stayed at one of the high end hotel resorts in the safari part. They saw all kinds of cool animals right outside their window. I've never been to WDW and it's not high on my list of places to see but it would be fun to do it up right.

Tomorrow is a 10-6:30 day so I have to get some decent sleep tonight cause it should be a busy one.

Thank you to all of you that have left me comments/notes or just have had me in your thoughts. I really do appreciate it.

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