From Pirate Satellite [ 2006-05-25, 2:55 a.m. ]

So. I have a week till my vacation starts. Once again, I go to visit my sister in Charleston,SC. I. Can't. Wait. Seriously. I haven't been on a trip since last October. Ok, I did go out of town to see Ben Folds in November and then Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab in April but that doesn't really count. Now if I'd tagged along on their buses and become my own version of Pamela des Barres (read "I'm with the Band"), then that would certainly count as getting out of town.

Sigh. I really need to win the lottery. I'm well aware that this means I need to buy a ticket. But I never seem to go to any of the places that sell'em. And I think at the end of this month we start doing the powerball thingy. Right now we just have scratch-offs.

I'm gonna dork out here for a minute. I haven't watched "American Idol" this season as I gave up on it after last season. But I can't give it up cold turkey. So I kept keeping up with who was who. And I immediately took to Taylor Hicks. Yes, I know..Soul Patrol!! It's stupid. But hey, he sounds like Joe Cocker and has a slight resemblance to Greg Dulli in the face (not the hair however). Therefore, I'm quite happy the guy won. At least he isn't some generic singer.

And as I type this, what just came on the Music Choice channel on my digital cable (tuned to Retro-Active)? The Clash "This is Radio Clash". Ok, that's the opposite of AI. I remember when I first heard/saw the video of "This is Radio Clash". It was the first time I'd heard the Clash. I fell in love with that song. I can't say I'm a die hard Clash fan but I followed them since then and even got into Big Audio Dynamite. I remember discussing a B.A.D. song with a fellow hipster back in the '80s. How you could hear on one of their songs, Joe Strummer says "This is Mick's band now". I had to quote that last week at the manager meeeting when a B.A.D. song came on our muzak channel. And nobody got it. Sigh. Alone in my coolness. (forget I talked about American Idol!!)

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