Music makes the people come together [ 2006-05-31, 12:04 a.m. ]

La la la la.... I'm sitting here watching an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 that was on my dvr. I haven't been watching them as much lately but I had to watch the episode where Color Me Badd appears. It's so stupid and such a rip off of the movie I want to hold your hand but I love it anyway. Kelly meets the band even though she wasn't a big fan of them like Donna. And of course, they're good guys and not fake at ALL. Uh huh. But who the HELL ever thought those guys were cute?! Oh, the humanity.

I spoke with my boss today and she gave me the word that my payrate would be the same if I were to be a music manager. So I asked her what I have to do about getting an interview. She's doing them, of course. She said that her interviews will be towards the end of June. She made sure to tell me that there's no guarantee that I'd get the position but it does say something that she thought of me for it (her words). So I immediately looked in the HR binder and found the music manager job description and made a copy. And asked her how we could get the music learning library (for new employees in that dept. and since we don't have a music dept. I wanted to be up on it). I think asking for all that info had to impress her some. Hey, I take what I can.

So...I'm kinda excited. I'm ready for something new in my life. And I really hope I get it. If I don't,well, I still have my job at my location and I'll just have to look for challenges somehow someway.

And one last's hot as Hades here. And my window ac unit keeps tripping off and I'm over having to go to the breaker box outside and flipping it back on. I'm going to call the landlord when I come back from my visit to Charleston. Right now, I just want to sit in a cold bath. mmmmm..

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