Peas in a Pod [ 2006-06-08, 2:27 a.m. ]

Ok, I haven't done A LOT with my vacation since I came back from Charleston. No real surprise there. But I know I'm going to go out and see a movie tomorrow. Not sure what yet though. Also, I need to call my landlord in the morning to get him to get somebody out to look at the breaker that the a/c plugs into. It keeps clicking off after a short time so that sucks. I'm dealing with it alright for now but it's supposed to really heat up again so I gotta get it fixed pronto.

Basically, I sit around in a t-shirt with fans trained on me. And a cold, wet towel nearby. Since I'm not in a music video, this whole scene is wasted.

I've watched a few movies. Today I watched The Squid and the Whale. Very good performances and writing. I got a little squicked out by the younger son and him putting his bodily fluids around but other than that, good movie. And then tonight, I watched Constantine on HBO. I know the critics didn't like it but I did. I love watching movies about heaven/hell/redemption. It's interesting, thought-provoking stuff. It's kinda like when I was talking with my sister about the Harry Potter movies. She totally loves the first one because the kids are all fresh-faced and excited about magic. While I love the fourth movie because it's much darker than the rest. She said "I know. That's the kind of thing you love." Me, in a nutshell.

If you read my blog over on myspace, you already know the BIG decision I've made. I'm buying an iPod!!! On Friday, I'm going to go to the Apple Store at the mall and I'm walking out with a super-duper iPod. If not the U2 one that they've brought back, then the regular old $300 version 'cause I've gotta have a video screen. I'm so excited!! I'm gonna start making a bunch of playlists in preparation for the big download. Yippee!!

One thing that I wish would go away right now. The weird taste in my mouth because of the operation. They told me that the side effect of the nerve ending connected with the ear could effect my tongue and leave me with a weird taste for a few weeks, even months. Blech. Makes you want to constantly keep a piece of hard candy in your mouth. I can only stand mints for so long so I guess I'll pick up some Lifesavers tomorrow.

That's all for now from the exciting world of Judith's vacation week.

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