Songs of Freedom [ 2006-06-11, 7:45 p.m. ]

So... Last day of vacation. How does this past week go by so fast? Never fails. But it's fine. I think I'm kinda ready to go back to work. And just to recover from my one day of working, I'll have Tuesday off. Ha.

Big news. I bought my iPod on Friday like I threatened to do. I was sick to my stomach on the way to the mall thinking about the money I was spending. I mean, my car could use some repairs. But did that stop me? Of course not. Pshaw. I walked into the mall, a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach and strode towards the Apple Store. I had started bargaining myself down to the iPod without a videoscreen. But then I saw that the 4GB, which only holds 1000 songs, was only $50 cheaper than the 30GB iPod with videoscreen, which holds 7500 songs. So that pretty much sealed it for me.

I got home and read the directions. What's kind of stupid is that Apple doesn't even give you an actual instruction booklet. You have to go online and get it. Sheesh. So I read through what I needed to know to get going. Got everything from my iTunes downloaded into my iPod, which I really need to name. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that.

So I've bought a few videos off of iTunes just because I'm like a kid with a new toy and like using the videoscreen. I got the Fixx's "Saved by Zero" video which is so cool with all the symbolism and just rocked my world when I was 17. I recall asking my mom for money so I could buy the 45 single of the song. Eventually got the LP and just loved it. And I also downloaded the Fall Out Boy video of "A little less sixteen candles..". Because I'm really 15. And have a crush on Pete.

Ok, besides blathering about my iPod...what else have I done? I did get together with Michael and Paco yesterday. We went shopping at Target which is a dangerous store for me. I knew I wanted to get a case for guessed it..iPod. And then we were walking around with a cart and I burst out with "underwear!". Heh. Because if I don't write it down, I usually forget what I wanted to buy in a store unless I keep repeating it to myself.

After that, we ate at a Mexican restaurant where I bought my usual taco chicken salad. Good stuff. And of course, a strawberry Margarita. Yum.

Then we went back to their house and watched a dvd of the John Cusak movie from a couple years ago called "Max". Fictional tale of a Jewish gallery owner in Munich who sort of befriends a young Hitler after the end of WWI. It was pretty interesting and worth watching.

Later on that night, at my own home, I watched on dvd another John Cusak movie "Ice Harvest". Loved this modern noir movie. Watched it again with the commentary by the director, Harold Ramis. Cool movie.

Now I leave you with what I'm listening to on my new love. "Redemption Song" by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros. The video for this makes me sad since it was made for it after his death. Love ya, Joe.

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