Metamorphasis [ 2006-06-14, 2:38 a.m. ]

Yesterday was the first back at work. I somehow managed to stay up Sunday night, I mean ALL of Sunday night. So I got around a half hour sleep before going to the manager meeting. Fun stuff.

After the meeting I came home and got three hours sleep. Which was good since it needed to last me through closing the store and then coming home and staying up AGAIN, this time till 11am.

Ya see, I got involved in loading up my iTunes with a bunch of cds that I wanted in there. So then I did that and loaded them into my iPod. But then I decided to edit a bunch of stuff out of there that I know I won't be in the mood to listen to (holiday music, big band,blues (most of it not all) and weird stuff) so that cleared up some space. I have somehow loaded up my iPod more than halfway through the 30GB. I'm a freak.

So after staying up all that time,I slept most of my day off. Sheesh. And now I'm hallucinating. You know I usually have a problem with those wonderful flying HUGE cockroaches every summer. But I did spray the super-duper bug spray a couple weeks ago. And despite lots of rain and heat I haven't seen one yet. Weird. So now I keep thinking any shadow is a cockroach. Heh.

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