I smell sex and candy [ 2006-06-15, 2:02 a.m. ]

On my way home tonight I drove past this guy crossing the street in my cool-ass neighborhood. He wore those tight, tapered jeans that are like a second skin, a jean jacket and punked out hair. I almost ran into the curb from craning my neck. I can't help it. I'm pretty helpless when it comes to rocker dudes. It's a sickness, I tell you.

Now, I don't like bands just because the guys are cool/sexy/interesting-looking. That's just a fringe benefit. And a very nice one. I don't think I've ever only liked a band/singer in my teens or as an adult just because they were good-looking. Yes, that includes Duran Duran. Hey, I love their music. Simon and John were just an added bonus.

I remember liking Leif Garret when I was 10 years old. But I honestly don't know if I ever knew any of his songs (or really covers). I just knew he was cute and was in Tiger Beat all the freakin' time. From Tiger Beat to rehab. It's a straight line for most.

Anyways, I have a hard time concentrating at work when a rocker guy comes in. He doesn't even have to be overtly good-looking. Just a bit edgy and that does it for me. Imagine me having to keep my cool as I direct them to a book and try not to babble and blush. It's a wonder that I ever worked with guys like that. But I did! And somehow managed to party with them, too. I am so out of practice. I totally need to go to the clubs for more bands and hang with rocker dudes. I don't want to be a groupie. I'm just happier when I'm among rocker dudes. Music and eye candy. Yepper.

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