Pooped [ 2006-06-18, 11:09 p.m. ]

Today was a bit of a long day at work. We were short a couple of managers this week. One, because Diane is on vacation. And two, that Tracy has already gone over to the other location now. So at first we were going to have another manager from another location to work with me today. But,apparantly that wasn't working out too well. So I told my boss that I'd just work the whole day by myself. We used to do that when we closed at 6pm and it wasn't that big of a deal. It meant then that we'd all get more Sundays off since only one manager had to work that day.

But now we close at 8pm. I was there from 7am till 8:30pm. I kinda hit "the wall" at 6pm. I sat down at my desk and took 4 Tylenol and drank some water. I had to really fight for my second wind. You know it really wouldn't be all that bad if I'd been able to relax at my desk more. But I was on the floor the majority of the day putting up displays and supervising other people putting up displays. Plus,running to the front to authorize returns and whatnot. I was lucky that I had our cafe manager in today so I could take a break while she had another cafe server with her.

Anyway, I'm hoping I scored some points with the boss and that all the displays look decent. There's still a lot of stuff to do in the morning. I open but I do get to leave 3 hours early.

My interview for the music manager job will be on Friday at 2:30pm. I'm glad I have Wednesday and Thursday off so I can feel prepped for it with some sleep and some ideas.

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