Shoot that Poison Arrow! [ 2006-06-21, 1:49 p.m. ]

I wrote in my blog last night about it but I know some of you don't do the myspace thing so I'll write a bit about it here.

I went to see ABC last night and they sounded so great. Unfortunately, the crowd was pathetically small. I mean, there were probably only 70 people there. Sometimes I hate this town. There had to have been a lot of people who would've come but Dave Matthews was playing in town. And really a lot of the same people who go to see him would've come to see ABC. Same demographic, at least.

Anyway, the crowd was very appreciate and loud and that seemed to make the band feel good. I was talking with my friend,Michael, before the band went on that I wanted more people there just for the self-esteem of the band. That must be really hard to go up on stage after all this time with as many hits as they had and see such a small crowd. I felt embarrassed for them and for my town.

I screamed and sang along and shimmied in place to the music and bounced up and down. Nothing like a show hangover. I'm kinda raspy right now.

After ABC went off, they went into their tour bus and the whole crowd congregated outside of it. After a few minutes, Martin Fry (lead singer), came out and signed autographs, posed for pics and chatted. He signed my cd booklet for "Lexicon of Love", the vinyl of which I used to play ALL the TIME when I was 17. I had a big crush on him and he was so damn nice and friendly to talk to. Still looks good, too.

One last thing about the night..the guy that was working the door at the club was a guy that I worked with 13 years ago at a different club. When I first knew him, he was 18 and when last saw him, he was 22. I asked him how old he was now and he grinned and said that was a personal question but then stated he was now 35. I said "oh my God. I'm so old." To me, he will always be the age I last knew him. So weird. The thing about us is that when I worked with him, he was fairly immature sometimes and could be a pain. But other times I could talk to him. I remember one trip back to Charlotte from Myrtle Beach where the whole crew had partied. I drove him back to town which is about 2.5 hours or so. That was one long trip. Thank God for the ability to just crank up tunes and not talk. But it was still very cool to see him last night. Like I said in my blog, the music scene here is so damn small that it's actually kind of comforting.

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