Dancin' days are here again [ 2006-06-27, 2:16 a.m. ]

Now Playing: Dancing Days by Led Zepplin.

I made myself a playlist of about 60 songs or so that will inspire me as in physically. So far I've been dancing around listening to my iPod like a modern version of the girl in the Dire Straits' video/song Skateaway which is also on this playlist.

So, I didn't go to Weight Watchers today. Let me tell you why. I got an hour of sleep last night and by the time it came for me to leave work (I stayed an hour late anyway) I was a bit out of it. But I've decided to not waste my money for now on WW. I'm just going to try to cut back on things myself and just try to inspire myself. If I feel like that ain't working or if I reach a serious plateau then I'll go to WW. But for now, I'm going to do it myself. And pocket my money.

The whole thing wasn't about going to WW anyway. It was about making a decision to try. To seriously try. Not some half-hearted shit. I'm not going to starve myself or write down my calories/fats. Nope. For now, the biggest challenge is snacking and portion control. Throw in more physical activity and there's your plan. Or my plan, as it were.

I'm off tomorrow, thank Jesus. Why I'm still up is a mystery. I did have a bizarre but cool dream when I took a catnap earlier in the evening. I dreamed that I met Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Rob Zombie and Gavin Rossdale. Odd assortment of rockers but cool, nonetheless.

Speaking of rock...yesterday I heard on our musak after we closed, which is when I turn it to '80's music, a bad cover of the song I'm listening to right now. I'm listening to the excellent Buzzcocks singing Ever Fallen in Love. What I heard yesterday was the Fine Young Cannibals doing a cover of it. Oh, the humanity.

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