Do you have the time to listen to me whine? [ 2006-06-28, 7:22 p.m. ]

It turns out that my car battery needed water. Um... even my own mother suggested that yesterday and I'm all.."it doesn't have a place for water!". I am such a girly girl sometimes. I can be all about taking care of stuff on my own with some things but when it comes to most things with my car...I hate dealing with it. Anyway, I got a message on my machine when I finally got home today telling me that my dad put water in the battery and ..voila! Ok, she didn't say voila but it was implied. I called her and told her I was beat tired and would pick up my car after work tomorrow which is fine by her. Plus, I get free dinner!

Cat left a me a comment yesterday that really made me understand what the deal with Diane (Cat,where did you get Carol from?! Hee)is right now. I do think I'm a functioning depressive. I'm good right now but I'm sure it'll come around again somehow. But for completely disables her, I guess. These next three weeks are really going to wear me out and I'm really not happy about that. She was all physically tired before last week's vacation and now I think I'm going to get that way as well. Unless my cafe manager is working an overlapping shift with me, I really won't get a chance to eat anything much. Plus, today I got so damn dehydrated that the world did that little spin thing that is so much fun (/sarcasm).

I left work around 4:30ish and headed to the Post Office to send out a book that I sold on eBay to some guy in the UK. It's the next Artemis Fowl book. He paid about $23 for it. Score.

Then I headed to the Record Exchange and actually bought something instead of selling something. Plus, they were having a sale. The bargain cds were half off. These are the $1/$2 cds. So I rifled through and found six worthy items: Flying Cowboys-Rickie Lee Jones;Walk on Water-Jerry Harrison:Casual Gods;Back from Rio-Roger McGuinn (I had this on tape back when it came out);Relentless-Michelle Malone and Drag the River;Bedlam A Go Go!-Something Happens!;Zoot Suit Riot-Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

I got all that for $4.50. I love sales at record stores.

Anyways, I'm dog tired so I'll be, hopefully, getting a full night's sleep tonight. I may have to take a pill because when I go to bed early, even when I'm tired, I'll wake up and take forever to go back to sleep. Tomorrow morning there are some tech guys coming in to replace our computers.I'm really not looking forward to that. Such a hassle. It's hard enough to open the store by myself but add in that...well, I'm very glad I have Friday off. And I close on Saturday and then have Sunday off. Yippee!

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