Hold on to that feeling [ 2006-06-30, 3:07 a.m. ]

Dudes, I'm runnin' out of room on my iPod. For cryin' out loud!! I'm gonna be forced to edit some more. Perhaps I really don't need Journey's greatest hits or ...that's all I can think of. And even then..I don't want to take all of the Journey songs out of there!! What will I do without Steve Perry singing "Don't stop believing"?

Anywho, I got an email from Jay today. I sent him one a few days ago when it was the middle of the night and I was feeling a bit down in the mouth. I believe one of my sentences was "sometimes I'm so lonely it actually hurts". I blame Radiohead. Damn that Thom Yorke.

He wrote me back about his weird love life. He had fallen in deep like with this girl at work he'd been friends with and she gave him the "let's be friends only" schpiel. While she's been out of town he asked out this other girl at work who he usually argues with a lot but there seems to be that spark happening. So this other girl is coming back to town tomorrow and he'll have to work with both of them. He told me at least provides entertainment to everybody at work. Also, he joked that he plans on quitting on Saturday.

He's always been one to just invite problems. Hell, I went all the up to Canada to give him problems.

The great thing about this is that we're actually keeping in touch. It rocks like you wouldn't believe.

I have tomorrow off. I plan on doing nothing. At all. I'll have Sunday and Monday off and have plans to do things on both days so I figure it's ok especially since my last day off, Tuesday, kind of blew.

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