This job that we call blow [ 2006-07-02, 3:35 a.m. ]

I'm currently watching the Real Sex Orgasm Special. Some woman is showing a bunch of other women about performing blowjobs. This is what she does for a living. She washes the dildos in her dishwasher. I'm totally never eating at her house.

These past couple days have been so odd. It's like..on the one hand, I'm so happy about getting the job. And on the other hand, I still have my current job's stresses to deal with. I feel a bit torn in half. Part of me is already gone from that store. I so f'ing can't wait to go. Cannot wait. So much so that I couldn't stop myself from telling our cafe manager,Julie, who is going to be the cafe manager at the new location. I told her she totally couldn't tell anybody at all till Candi made it an official anouncement, probably on Monday. I was about to burst from not telling anyone at work today. It was bad. I am so awful at keeping big news to myself.

I get to be off the next two days! Sort of. I mean, I do have tomorrow off. I'll be going over to my parents' house for a cookout. My sister,Mandy and two of her kids will be there. That'll be cool.

On Monday is the manager meeting and afterwards I need to do a few things so I'll probably be there for an hour or so afterwards.

Holy crap. I turned the channel to the music stations..this one called Retro-Active. And they're playing a song I haven't heard in ages by Roman Holiday called "Stand by". I really need to get some of their stuff.

Anyway, on Monday I plan to get my oil changed. Ok, not my oil changed though I do need a lube job. I really shouldn't have watched that Real Sex special.

My car desperately needs an oil change and I'm looking forward to the mechanic yelling at me. Fun stuff.

I'm posting a pic of Jay that he sent me last night while I was talking with him online for two hours. (I already posted it over on my blog) During which I got a bit tipsy. Anyway, here's a pic of him with his puppy. This is such an adorable picture.

That's it for now. I think I need to get off of here and crawl into bed. Eventually.

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