Reigning in my inner bitch [ 2006-07-10, 12:32 a.m. ]

Yay! I get to sleep in tomorrow!! My body is ready for it, too. After 5 days of getting up early, I finally close tomorrow and then have two days off in a row!! Yippee!

I was so tired when I got home that I fell asleep for about 4 hours or so. I woke up a bit confused, of course. That's always weird when you aren't sure if you're supposed to be at work or if it's day or night. Thankfully, the darkness clued me in.

I was trying to watch Van Helsing a while ago and just couldn't get into it. I gave it at least a half hour. It was too cheesy. The CGI was too obvious and I like my vampires less campy. Even Hugh Jackman couldn't save it for me. Ah well. I was warned since the critics definitely didn't like it.

The other movie I have to watch is the documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys that inspired the movie I watched last week Lords of Dogtown.

But anyway..I was thinking about the fact that Diane comes back to work on Wednesday. When I see her I really hope I don't act too bitchy. I just can't get past the resentful feeling I have for her taking all this time off all of a sudden. It just really irked me. She knew what the schedule was like and that it would put a real strain on the managers...especially me, thank you very much. I do know that she was feeling stressed and wasn't feeling too well because of it all. And I truly and sincerely hope the time off helped. But part of me is still pissed. Which is ok. I just don't want to let her know it.

Writing this the next morning. So much for having Tuesday off. The manager we got from another location isn't going to be able to come in since his wife is having emergency gall bladder surgery. I really really really needed tomorrow. This will be 8 days in a row of working and in retail that really blows. I will be able to, as it goes now, be able to have my Wednesday off and hopefully get a day off on Friday if all goes well. Thank God for Tracy helping us out even though she really is at the other location now. Otherwise, it'd be me opening and closing every day. This will take every ounce of restraint not to lash out at Diane when I see her next. To paraphrase Judge Rheinhold in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, "I hope you had a hell of a leave of absence, Diane!. No, no. I'll get my aggression out here on "paper" so I won't yell at her. It's just not going to be easy.

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