Rainn Wilson rocks. [ 2006-07-14, 2:30 p.m. ]

I am selling the box set I just got off of eBay since I've now loaded it all into my iTunes. It's No Thanks! The '70's Punk Rebellion. It's used but in great condition. I'm doing a Buy it Now only at the cost of $35. So...go buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!

Later this afternoon I'm going to go see a movie with Michael and Paco. We're going to see An Inconvenient Truth. Should be nice and depressing. But,seriousl, I do want to see it even though it won't be that uplifting.

I have from blockbuster online to watch The Matador, which I'm looking forward to watching, and a French movie, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, which sounds pretty good.

You know what I could use right now? A nap. I took a brief one but it was one of those where you're getting stressed from your dream. I was driving with my mom and somehow wound up going up a detour path off the highway and completly panicked. Don't know what that was all about.

My dream last night involved me sitting in on Candi doing a meeting with Diane. And, it was one of those meetings where Diane had to explain why she didn't do certain things. Talk about uncomfortable.

Speaking of work, I did my 7 to 11am shift today and got out of there quickly. We were supposed to have a conference call to sit in on at 11am but I emailed our DM yesterday and told her that we didn't have any managers to spare off the floor for it and asked if another store could take notes for us. She emailed back "I'll take notes for you!". Coolness.

Also, speaking of work...I watched the Season 1 dvd of the American version of The Office and totally loved it. Can't wait for those Season 2 dvds to come out in Sept. I already watched the two webisodes that NBC posted. They're very short but funny.

Oh and speaking of tv...I got an email today from iTunes and actually gasped..they have season 2 of Buffy!! I didn't even know they had season 1!! I'm so buying some of those when I get paid next. Wheee!!!!

Now go buy my box set!!!!

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