Whydon'twegetdrunkandscrew? [ 2006-07-20, 3:11 a.m. ]

Wheeeeee. I'm a bit tipsy writing this right now. I went out with Julie to the karaoke bar where some really cool people hang out. I know that karaoke and cool doesn't ususally appear in the same sentence but hey..I was there so it must be true.

I drank heavily but not too much so. Just am still feeling a nice buzz from it.

Julie,Jen,Emily and I went up and sang "Girls just want to have fun" and had lots of fun. Then later on I sang "These boots are made for walkin'" and totally ruled,y'all. I love singing that song.

There were quite a few cute guys there and one was friends with Dustin, who works for me. This guy's name is Quinn and he went a few times and sang. Not overly well but still gave it a good effort. At the end of the night, he asked if he'd seen me there before and I said no, it was my first time being there. I then asked if he'd ever visited Dustin at work. But he said he'd only done that once. Then he stopped and hugged me and said he loved me. Heh. I replied..."um, you were great up there". I'm so funny. Anyway, I thought he was cute and he was obviously hitting on me. Because I was totally rockin' the hair and the outfit. I had such a fun time. I can't wait to do taht again.

End of tipsy entry.

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