Girls Just Want To Have Fun [ 2006-07-22, 1:20 a.m. ]

So, yesterday I had the day off. And I had a nice little buzzy hangover. Not the awful hangover of headache and stomach upset. But the kind where you're still high on the night before (just not literally!). It was really a nice to way spend the day.

Anyway, on my day off, my manager,Candi, let everyone finally know about my Music Manager job. When I went in today I kept having booksellers stop me and congratulate me and say what a perfect fit the job will be for me. I really appreciated what they said. It's sometimes hard to know how people think of you but they obviously know how much I love music since I definitely talk about it enough.

I bought tickets to see X play on August 23rd here in town. Julie said she'd go even though she didn't know who they were (and the tix are $ that's a friend!)I made her a cd of some of their stuff. I'm listening to them right now. I cannot wait to see them again so soon. John Doe just couldn't stay away from me for long. Rollins Band will be the second band and another band will be the opener. It'll be interesting to see Henry Rollins. Not a big fan of him but I kinda like him anyway.

I only work two days next week, it turns out. The reason being that Candi is paying me back for working six days this week and also I have to work a full day next week. So..I'm off Sunday,Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. Close on Thursday. Off on Friday. And work open to close on Saturday.

Julie and I are going to go to this place called The Breakfast Club on Thursday when I get off work. They, obviously, play '80's music and on Thursdays play more new wave-ish stuff rather than Top 40. I can't wait to go. Woohoo!

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