Free and easy [ 2006-07-25, 11:39 p.m. ]

I had a most bizarre dream last night. I dreamed I was running some kind of nightclub. And I was walking around topless. Just wearing panties. And not being all that self-conscious about it, either. So I was standing there talking to the actor, Ron Livingston (yummy), and he was standing right up close to me, almost touching. We were just having a good conversation and then later on, in my dream, I realized just why he'd been standing that close to me..because of my toplessness.

Now this is the second time in a few months that I've had a naked dream. I rarely have those. I know in naked dreams they're supposed to be about being afraid of revealing yourself. Which, in my case, is pretty accurate. And the not realizing why Ron was talking so close to me..that is so typical of me. I usually have a hard time knowing when I'm being flirted with. I always think I'm imagining it the other night at karaoke notwithstanding. I've had people tell me after the fact "that guy was hitting on you!" and me going "oh,c'mon. He was not.". Yep, that's me. Completely clueless.

I dyed my hair last night. It's supposed to be burgundy but because my hair is so curly, the parts near my roots and the part underneath the top layer are more reddish and the outside layer is mostly black. Curly hair is more pourous or something like that. Anyway, it sucks up the color and therefore goes darker. Anyway, I kinda like it this way. Next time though I might just do the ends and not the roots, as long as the gray hasn't come in already. The coloring does look good with my blue eyes, I have to say.

I went to dinner with Michael and Paco tonight. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and stuffed ourselves with food and margaritas. Walked around some and then headed back to their house where we watched the French film, Cache. It was pretty good but a bit slow and pondering. I liked it anyway though.

Tomorrow is clean out the fridge day for me. Otherwise no big plans.

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