Love is (What I say) [ 2006-07-27, 3:06 a.m. ]

I hate when random people I don't know IM me. On yahoo some idiot IM'd me tonight. I have as my profession on my profile "hobo" and he was trying to joke with me. It was funny at first but then he did the "do you like to flirt?" and I replied "eh, I suppose..etc." I was NOT in the mood. Dude,leave me alone. So now I just have MSN messenger on in case Jay actually comes around

I don't know what got into me today. Well, I did have plans to clean out the fridge. But not only did I clean it out but I also swept and mopped the floor. AND I cleaned out the tiny counter space I have so I can actually USE said counter space. For most of the time I've been here (four years), I've had containers that kept flour,sugar etc. Plus the block that holds knives and the container that I keep cooking utensils in. But I've emptied out the containers because for a long time now I've been just using it out of the bag which will do for now.

Then I moved the utensils and knives and will eventually clean off the pantry shelves where I keep all my foodstuffs. Right now they're sitting on a small table that usually had the microwave. But I move the microwave to another spot while I'm using the a/c unit because you can't plug both of those things into the one outlet. It's quite challenging living here sometimes.

Michael was trying to tell me the other day that I should move closer to where the new store will be. I told him that for 1)I don't want to move, I like it here. And 2)I recently signed a two-year lease so even I wanted to, I couldn't. By the way, asshole neighbors are parked in my driveway once again. I really am going to start parking diaganolly.

I've been in an INXS mode lately. Right now, Michael Hutchence is singing in my ear. I don't care if he is dead. He was an IDOL to me when I was a teen and in my twenties. I was SOOOO obsessed. I even wrote a fan letter. Was a member of the fan club. Had posters EVERYWHERE in my bedroom. I not only loved him but I wanted to BE him. You know that Cure song "Why can't I be you?". Well,that's me when I'm infatuated with somebody. You love'em so much that you just want to embody their whole way of talking/walking/singing into your own. It isn't right but it does happen.

Anyway, I guess I'm on a INXS bent because of my rediscovering my self in so many ways lately. It really is like a part of me had been asleep. And now...she's slowly opening her eyes and smiling into the day. Or night, as it were.

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