Icy Hot to the rescue [ 2006-07-30, 9:18 p.m. ]

Yesterday was the day of hell. I mean, I know it could have definitely been worse but by the end of it...I was dog-tired. I worked the double shift (almost 16 hours..open to close) and realized there ain't no way I can do that again. Not on a Saturday. Maybe on a Sunday, since the hours would be slightly shorter but not on a Saturday. Ugh.

I opened again today and had to stay till 5pm to show the guest manager from another store how to close our store and where everything was. So an almost 10 hour day today. By the time I went to the grocery and drug stores and got home...I was quite ready for a nap. And I had a delicious nap indeed. A 2.5 hour one, in fact. Still a bit groggy though.

I had a bizarro dream in my nap. A bunch of people were at some kind of reunion thing (Henry Rollins was there) and one of the women left. This part was like a movie. Actually the whole thing was. You see her in a car acting like she's trying to reach out to grab this ball of fire as if it's 3D. Then you realize it's an atomic bomb and then you see her melt and then melt away. Dude. I have no idea what that was about.

My boss had a dream that she told me about on Saturday on the phone while she was working at the other location. She said that Jonathan, whose last day was Friday, was walking with her and yelling at her that he was an intern or something. She gets to the back of the store and sees me and Chris,our district manager, sitting with me and I'm crying. She goes up to Chris and starts yelling at her for making me cry.

That totally warmed my cockles. With all the times this past year that I've gotten upset while speaking with Candi that she would feel that kind of protectiveness in her dream..I think that really says something.

While we were on the phone several times that day, I asked if I could vent a bit. She said fire away. I told her that there several things that got neglected by both Jonathan and Aaron (who is our new dept.manager from another store) and that I was feeling like I was having to take up their slack. She understood and said that I should only do what I can get done that would help sales and not worry much about anything else. She even said that it would be fine if, for once, that new displays went up late. Which you NEVER hear her say. It did relieve some pressure but I was still putting it on me because I do want her to feel that I was not slacking off and using it as an excuse.

Oh and also, she told me that Diane is not coming back till August 18th instead of this coming week. Sheesh. Thankfully, we do have somebody starting tomorrow who will be replacing me and also somebody to replace Jonathan. So at least warm bodies. Also, another manager in training this past week who will be asst.manager at the other location. And he's catching on quickly so that made my day a bit easier since he covered my lunch break. It was totally weird being able to relax for a whole hour. But soooo nice.

I have the next four days off though I do have the Monday meeting to go to. After that I'll be staying with my mom for couple of days while my dad is out of town per his request. Didn't want her to be alone so I asked for that time off and we'll be bonding.

Well, off to eat dinner.

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