I want my MTV [ 2006-08-06, 3:14 a.m. ]

I am currently watched the first day of MTV on VH-1 Classic. Because I'm a complete dork, I dvr-ed the whole day. They aren't playing, unfortunately, the VJ spots. Just the videos. Oh,well. Anyway, right now it's Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street. Not a great video but a great song. I also really liked Foo Fighters' cover of this one.

Once again I had a dream about Ryan Adams. I have no idea what that's about except that I know it's kind of cool. He's one of my favorite people so it's nice to have him visit. I'm a bit of freak, I know.

I think I've now completely recovered from Thursday night's escapades. Boy, was that fun. And can I say that I haven't seen that much action in quite a while. And if I wasn't such an idiot that I think I could have actually "hooked up" that night. But, it's fine. I don't need to be doing that while I'm utterly shitfaced. Buzzed, yes. Not shitfaced.

I am lucky that there was no worshiping the porcelain god the next day. Just a little queasiness but mainly that feeling of BLAH and a wee headache. I got to work late even though I didn't have to be there till 2pm. Oh, and then I didn't get any sleep at all Friday night because I saw a fucking cockroach and had to kill it. But then I got paranoid about there being another one somewhere. *shivers* I hadn't seen a live one in my house for a year since I started using the super duper bug spray. So I had to work today with no sleep plus training the two new managers that just started. I HATE doing that. They seem like nice enough guys but one has never worked for the company and the other worked as a cafe manager for a year and a half but not in the bookstore at all. So it's basically starting from scratch.

So after washing clothes at the 'rents today I came home and crashed for several hours. I close tomorrow so I still have time for more sleep at least.

I won't be going out, most likely, this coming week but hopefully the next week. I think I'm going to get Michael and Paco to come to the dance club. I know they'd like it.

Oh, oh. oh. They are playing the video for Pat Benatar's I'm Gonna Follow You from her Crimes of Passion album. I used to stay in my bedroom listening to that album all the time. Singing at the top of my lungs and strutting around just like Miss Benatar.

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