Lightning crashes... [ 2006-08-16, 4:53 a.m. ]

We had a huge, violent thunderstorm come through town last night. Lots of major lightning and window-rattling thunder. I hate that kind of storm. I just lay in bed and clench my fists and wait for lightning to hit my house. Argh. The power went out for about 3 hours. And it was, of course, too warm in the house then. So I gave in, after reading with my reading light for a while, and fell asleep. Woke up around 2am though the power had been on for an hour or so.

A while before the storm started, I met up with Alison from the music 'zine and also the publisher,Jeff L., who used to also be my boss at the club. She gave me an idea about what the part-time editor would do. Copy editing, checking in with writers and even writing an article each time. I have no idea of the pay. I forgot to ask! Anyway, they want me to write an article (called a preview) of a band that will be playing in the area next month. I can choose anybody I want to write about. Just has to be about 500 words and she wants it by the 20th. Eek. Thankfully, I work well under deadlines. I did kind of blanch when she said that. I started thinking of the dozens of things at work that I need to get done. But it's fine. I'll just do my best. And if it isn't right then she passes me over. I really would like the job (my interest in writing and music plus the extra money) but I know I'll be busy enough in the next few months so... Now I'm kind of freaking out that I'll get it and I'll be in over my head. *takes calming breath*

No, no. I'm fine. I always do this when faced with a new challenge. Freak out first then enjoy it.

Anyways, I've chosen to write about Calexico who are playing in Chapel Hill in Sept. I've been thinking about going to see them actually and since it's right towards the end of my vacation, I just might.

Worse thing about the storm? I think my dvr is messed up. Waah! It's very jumpy and not letting me FF though some things. Oh, the horror.

Ok, i'ts 5am. And I have to close tonight. So I'm thinking I'll get some sleep eventually. Maybe...

Hey,that entry was 405 words. And it was shorter than some of my entries. Hmmm.. Well I guess if I can write 11,000 words in my NaNo novel in a couple of days to finish, then I can write a 500 word article.

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