Nobody else one like me [ 2006-08-29, 10:48 p.m. ] looks like I didn't get the job as part-time editor for the music 'zine. I got an email from editor(musiczinename) asking if I would be interested in reviewing/interviewing a local band that is opening up for Rob Zombie on Thursday night. Well...considering I'm And considering that, even though I kinda liked White Zombie (and Rob Zombie appeared in my dream a few weeks ago) a long time, I'm not that into Rob Zombie's music,..I'm gonna say no.

I'm trying to not be too disappointed at not getting the job. After all, the next couple of months will be hectic at work. Plus, there's NaNo in November. But if I'd gotten the job, the little bit of extra money would've been very nice plus just the exhilaration of getting it would've sustained me. But I'm glad I tried. I don't regret that. I've tried and succeeded at getting lots of things in my life. Because I'm (sometimes) able to gird my self into just stepping forward and saying "hey, I'd like to do that!". That's how I got the job when I worked at the nightclub. I answered the ad for an unnamed club from the want ads. I had no idea it was for the club that I always went to. Then I just persisted..called and called till I wore down my future boss. He gave me a chance and I was there for four years.

So...glad I tried for the editor job. And kinda sad I didn't get it. But I'm just trying to tell myself it's for the best.

Big news yet again from work. Diane, who has been off and on this whole summer with problems due to her medication and how stressed she had become from the pressure at work, asked Candi if she could step down and be a head cashier. Candi arranged it and Diane will be a head cashier (somebody who does the morning paperwork, is the primary cashier, sells tons of memberships, trains new cashiers..etc) at another location starting on Monday. I think it will be the best thing right now for Diane. The less stress the better. It will be less money but I guess that doesn't matter as much to her at the moment. Can't blame her. She does have a boyfriend she's lived with for..gosh,probably 15 years, so she has him to rely on as well.

The whole store will have new management. New store manager, new asst. managers, new dept managers, new cafe manager....crazy. The people who have been working there for several years are going to blown away when they find out Diane is leaving as well as me. I really didn't see that coming either. But I'm happy for her. Both of us are making a good change.

I have two more days left till vacation. I. Can't. Wait.

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