Make it work!!!!!! [ 2006-08-31, 1:42 a.m. ]

And now I'm confused..or cornfused, as I like to say. That's what being in the musical "Lil' Abner" will do to you.

Anyway...I got another email today from the editor(insert music 'zine name here) and it was signed Alison, as in the business manager. I know she'd been editing till they found somebody permanent. But she hadn't signed that email from a day ago about asking me if I wanted to do that review. This time it was referring to the fact that the Sept. issue was done and out and that the next staff meeting will be this Tuesday. Hmm. I wonder if my Calexico article is in that one. Cool if it is. Like I mentioned, the writers don't get paid. It's all for the fun of writing about something you love. I'm going to go to the meeting just to see what it's all about. Can't hurt.

Tonight (I hope hope hope) was my last night closing the store as an assistant manager. Hallejuah!!!! Woot!! The past week has been so draining in that I keep having to still worry about the day to day things but the longterm things I just have to step back from. It's hard to balance the two. Tomorrow I'll be there till 7:30 (Diane switched with me) and then Friday starts my vacation.

I am experiencing a cashflow problem at the moment due to that damn brake job repair a couple weeks ago. I hate not having a credit card sometimes. I know it's best I not have one...but times like that it would be convenient.

Anyone watch Project Runway tonight? I loved Jeffrey's outfit because of the rocker freak that I am. His attitude is stinky but I still dug what he put together. Michael is my favorite on the show because of his easygoing attitude and talent out the wazoo. Kayne is very funny but he really needs to adjust the tastemeter. Laura's dress was cool. As was Uli's. Vincent just needs to go home. He's gross and bores me at the same time. And Angela, whose outfit was too stupid for words, at least didn't bore me. Vincent totally should've gone.

Would anyone like a Chips Deluxe with caramel chips and fudge stripes? Mmmm.

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